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By | April 3, 2019

Knowing More About Trade Show Signs And Displays

One of the things that you should do for a successful exhibit in a trade show is to attract people to your booth. The attendees would usually look into the trade signs and displays of each booth just to know what products and services are being offered by the company. The signs and display of the booth must show the professionalism of the company as well as the quality of the products and services that it is selling. The positioning of the graphic sign and the design of the booth can give a good first impression. That is why it is important to prepare all the trade show signs and know the various types of trade show signs and displays every time you are planning to have an exhibit.

Curved faced pop up booths this is a nice booth design because of the curved style. It is easy to set up because of its expandable metal frame and magnetic panels.

Straight faced pop up booths This booth has a straight front face. It is also easy to set up thanks to the magnetic graphic panels and expandable metal frames.

Straight faced fabric pop up it is similar to the straight-faced pop-up but it uses a large graphic printed fabric instead of magnetic graphic panels. This is also a very easy to set up the pop-up booth.

Retractable banners this banner will have a tubular shape when retracted, it can be either composite plastic material or aluminum. You just need to pull up the spring load banner and hook it in the pole in order to set up the banner. If want to take it down, you just need to unhook it in order for the banner to retract back into the tubular stand.

X-stand banners these are really durable and portable banners. It will use a PVC printed graphic banner with grommets and a light metal X shaped frame that will be hooked on the frame to make a floor standing banner.

Promotional Tables these are easy to set up tables that can promote products and services. The tables will have a stop sign and a wrap around the plastic graphics panel that will provide more visibility.

Podiums they are really compact and simple. A lot of the podiums will have a wraparound that will contain the logo, products, and services of the company.

Vinyl banners these are a really nice addition to an exhibit on a trade show or event. The size of the vinyl banners can be customized to any desired size most of the time.

Foam board prints you should consider custom printed foam boards if you want more dimension to your booth. The foam boards can be printed on and can be cut to your desired size and shape.

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